Master Instructor Dorey was certified by Boaz Aviram in 2010.
This is an intensive self-defense Krav Maga mastery instructor course for individuals. The underlying concept of teaching intensively is so students are programmed to distill the variety of possibilities to the most efficient reaction to an opponent's attack while minimizing any possible danger.

The training system concentrates on perfecting the software (the brain) prior to testing the hardware (the body). When the operating system is synchronized, the student completely understands why he is training in one method or another, what the advantages and disadvantages are, and does not acquire bad habits. At the same time Injuries are minimized from the least dangerous training method all the way through the most dangerous training method.

The Original Israeli Defense Forces Krav Maga was unique in first its desire to teach soldiers of diversified physical and mental shape intensively, that were volunteered or conscripted to serve their country. The Israeli Defense Forces Training System is devised to meet the required objective where failure is not an option.

Pure Krav Maga Self Defense Mastery (tm) is a concept created by Boaz Aviram, the third in the Lineage of Israeli Defense Forces Fighting Fitness Academy Chief Krav Maga, succeeding Eli Avikzar and Imrich Lichtenfeld.

Our mission is to help people live better, smarter, and for a good cause!

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