Protect Yourself With Essential 
Self-Defense Principles, 
Skills & Practices
[ Introducing our 18-hr CREED training system ]

Control your territory by learning Danger Analysis, 
Situational and Heightened Awareness, Vision/Motion,
Reaction Time, Avoidance/De-escalation and
Confident Body Language.

Also learn self-defense skills in Striking, Kicking, 
Body Movement, 360-degree Instinctive Defenses, 
Ground Defenses, Club Defenses, Knife Defenses 
and Pistol Defenses. 

[ No experience is necessary. Ages 14+.  
Adult and young adult women and men accepted. 
The material fee covers the Krav Maga textbook. ]

Course fee: $500 / Material fee: $20

For the full curriculum that is taught in our 18-hour CREED training system, please click HERE.

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